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Resurrecting the Queen City Cycling Club of Seattle one wool suit at a time

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Seattle had it's first Tweed Ride 2.21.10

On a lovely day in the city of grey, Seattlites gathered to ride in tweed, shunning spandex, lycra and speed.......a shame we were away that day......but here are some photos of all the play!
Nova & Silvie: Ride Organizers by
Tweed Croquet Set at Gasworks by
Tweeders Picnicking on the Lawn by

 what fun! what glee! what next? you'll see!!!


  1. im glad my hometown had one this year!i was in london this year for the second annual tweed was sweet!400 dapper cyclists!i would like to play a big part in the next seattle one maybe do a ride in the fall before school starts.please get in touch with me when you

    It was 100 years ago that Seward Park became a Seattle City Park. This June 5th we encourage you to join us in taking part in a casual bike ride to celebrate it’s centennial!

    Meet at Denny Park at 11am for our Tweed Ride back in time. We’ll follow portions of the city’s first bike path – the Cotterill Bike Path – to Seward Park where we’ll enjoy snacks and beverages provided by sponsors.

    Dress in your finest tweed in recognition of this historic occasion. Ride whatever bike you like, but vintage is also encouraged. The ride will be approximately 14 miles one way. The group will ride together and regroup as necessary. Please ride safely, donning a helmet and following laws pertaining to cyclists.

    See you there!